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“Surfer Bo Stanley has been using her social media platform to share messages of body love since she stepped into the world of curve modelling a few years ago. And her positive messages clearly resonate – she’s got more than 46K Instagram followers as this article goes to publish.

One look at her IG feed and you will notice that the curvylicious Cali dream girl isn’t shy about stripping down to a bikini in a bid to inspire other women to embrace their figures – and it’s an important message. When was the last time a major surf brand used a more buxom girl to sling swimwear to women? NEVER *cough* EVER *cough* And interestingly, plenty-o-girls who ain’t a size 0 surf.

Anyway, in true athletic style, even though she spends most of her days in little more than flesh flashing swimwear, Bo’s ideas about health seem to circle around her body’s strength, speed and agility, rather than its size.

Here Bo chats with Project WomanKIND about body image and how her passion for surfing has helped her appreciate her killer physique…”